The Al-Qazzaz Foundation, is the NGO partner for York University’s SMARTT (SOCIAL MOBILITIES APPLICATION FOR REFUGE, TRUST AND TRANSITION) Project.

SMARTT is a socially engaged digital application developed in response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis. Derived from cutting-edge findings related to the Canadian government’s Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program, SMARTT will facilitate trusted contact between sponsored Syrian refugees and Canada-based sponsors so as to enhance strong and meaningful integrative social networks in Ontario. SMARTT responds to the social marginalization of Syrian refugees through an interdisciplinary research and training plan which connects the needs of end-users with the combined expertise of sociologists, computer scientists, private sector partners and key NGOs in Canada and the Middle East.

SMARTT is York University’s socially engaged digital application that was developed in response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis. QED is the community organization partner for this project. This project is done in collaboration of several institutions, including department of Computer Science at Saint Mary’s University, and the Center for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan. Also, this project included partners from the private sector, like Shore Consulting in Toronto, Canada and Magic Computer Control in Amman, Jordan. Lastly, SMARTT was also carried out in collaboration with NGO partners like ourselves and the Syrian Canadian Foundation.


Shore Consulting (Toronto, Canada)

Magic Computer Control (Amman, Jordan)

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