We partnered our program with the Helping Hands and Language Studies Department at the University of Toronto, Mississauga campus and the Syrian Canadian Foundation. The English Tutoring Program adds innovation and accessibility to language training. One on one in home tutoring sessions allow vulnerable newcomers to study English even as they deal with health issues, waitlists for ESL classes and other factors that inhibit their ability to partake in regular avenues to language training. Group sessions across the GTA offer newcomers unique classes such as writing skills development for those with higher level English skills. All of our clients gain access to e-learning resources that increase independence, efficiency and accessibility in language training. Over 350 volunteers served over 60 families with in-home ESL sessions.

This program has 3 aspects:

we bring English language classes to newcomers’ homes. Most of our clients are seniors, disabled persons, mothers unable to access daycare for their children, and others having difficulty accessing programs at external facilities.

groups of 15 meet with tutors at community spaces for two hour sessions. One hour is dedicated to individual studying and the second to group reflection meant to foster intercultural understanding and solidify course concepts.

our online support and instruction supports tutors and offers additional learning for our clients. The e-learning modules will provide newcomers a self-paced curriculum to make learning English more accessible outside of their tutoring sessions.

An English speaking ability is essential for newcomers to adjust to Canadian society. Our English Tutoring Program is projected to engage 200 individuals per year in our one-on-one sessions and 120 newcomers through our group sessions.

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