QED seeks talented and dedicated workers for every position. We try to give everyone a chance to express their dreams and build their passion projects. We have summer internships for students to find themselves and get an opportunity to build their character. This internship is a way for the youth to get a chance to build their own projects; as well as finding their passion. In our past internships; the summer interns decided to educate the youth on the voting process of the Canadian election. They made a podcast, an infographic explaining the election process and a video asking the youth basic questions on the election. Another project was the Youth Engagement Project; which inspired youth from different communities to engage with one another, have activities and let them have nights off from the constant stress of life. At the QED team we saw these interns grow and develop themselves to incredible humans. It has inspired us to continue this program and give the youth a chance to express themselves.

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Ontario, Canada
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