QED runs innovative, needs-based education and development programs serving disadvantaged communities. Most people in the NGO world agree that needs always exceed the resources available. QED often turns to creative education technology to fill gaps, address resource shortages and increase accessibility of resources to vulnerable communities such as refugees who arrive from war torn countries with mental and physical trauma and little or no education and language skills. QED uses e-learning and hybrid learning delivery methods to forge new pathway in serving these communities and in collaborating with their service providers to improve outcome for all. By building communities of support around programming initiatives, QED ensures the sustainability of its positive impact. In partnership with academic institutions, QED conducts research that acts as foundation for programming. QED also helps to build bridges between academia and service providers. Ultimately, QED’s goal is to complement and enhance the work of all those serving disadvantaged communities.


QED helps organizations use cost effective and time flexible e-learning tools to communicate information to employees, volunteers and clients. As the education technology partner for nonprofits, we produce online courses and host them on QED’s portal for disadvantaged communities and their service providers. We also provide customization tracking and assessment tools that allow for quantitative and qualitative analysis.


There are three components to QED’s hybrid learning approach: presenting culturally customized e-learning resources, providing experts to facilitate workshops and discussions around the material presented, and encouraging volunteerism from within the communities served.


Building relationships and fostering collaborations with like minded individuals and organizations to create positive social change is a key component of QED’s approach. QED often runs projects in collaboration with service providers. QED hosts a blog and monthly webinars by experts to help cultivate communities in support of QED’s programming and founding values. The Family Support Network builds communities of support for families experiencing injustices.

Al-Qazzaz Foundation for Education & Development
2640 Bristol Circle Suite 150, L6H6Z7, Oakville
Ontario, Canada
TEL: 289-652-1510
Email: info@qed.org

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