Sarah Attia is a graduate of The University of Toronto, Faculty of Engineering, and holds a bachelor and a master degrees in chemical engineering. Sarah spent over 10 years working on providing quality international education to children in Egypt as a principal, teacher and founder of an international school in Cairo, Egypt.  She had a particular interest in curriculum development, character education and community contribution. She is a currently an education consultant with Cloudypedia Canada developing character education curriculum and programs for private schools in Canada.

In 2011, Sarah, Khaled, and their children were among the first families to head to Tahrir square and participate in the January 25th revolution.  They dreamed of a better Egypt for all Egyptians.  But on July 3, 2013, this dream was crushed by the military coup that took place in Egypt, when her husband, Khaled, was forcibly detained.  Sarah returned to Canada and advocated tirelessly for her husband’s freedom.  She lead a campaign that was supported by thousands of people all over the world, engaged with human rights organisations and the United Nations HRC.  It was through these efforts that Khaled was finally released without charge in January 2015, after spending one year and a half in inhuman conditions.  

Sarah is a co-founder of QED foundation She hopes to contribute to a better world by providing education to underprivileged communities.  Sarah is also working on developing a family support network to provide comfort and direction to other families who are going through similar ordeals.