Dr. Jeyakumar is the founder of TraumAssist International, an organization that strives to alleviate the immense and relentless emotional suffering amongst populations that have undergone natural disasters, conflicts, and epidemics.

Her passion for healing traumatized victims stems back to her Tamil community fleeing from a 3-decade war in Sri Lanka. Adding to the civil war was the 2004 tsunami affecting the South Asian region of the world. The combination of these two historical events left Sri Lankan Tamil-Canadians with tremendous stress.

Growing up in Toronto, she has witnessed post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, substance abuse, and violence within her community. Since completing medical school, she has been part of many mental health initiatives both locally and globally to address the burden of mental illness and psychological trauma amongst communities that have suffered oppression, displacement, and collective trauma.

Her mission is to help rehabilitate communities impacted by traumatic events through guided principles of (1) Relief (2) Recovery (3) Resilience.