Employment Consultant with the Center for Education and Training

Mona Ali has been engaging newcomers for the past 7 years in the capacity of settlement and employment counsellor. She is extremely grateful for having the opportunity to meet and work with many amazing individuals from different parts of the world who choose to make Canada their home. Inspired by their dedication and experiences she is excited and honoured to be a part of the Q.Ed advisory team to share her passion for making education accessible and easing the integration of newcomers in Canada. She is currently on the advisory board for the foundation.

Mona has a diploma in Career and Work Counselling from George Brown College’s well as a B.A. and B.Ed from the University of Toronto. She is currently working as an employment consultant for immigrants prior to their arrival in Canada with the Centre for Education and Training. Previously she worked at Skills for Change as a settlement counsellor and later as an employment counsellor/facilitator