Join us on Saturday June 23rd at 10 AM to participate in a live webinar with Prof. Muhammed Y. Idris

Title: Social Services in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

In addition to being the lead developer of Compass, a mobile platform that leverages artificial intelligence to walk refugees through every step of the asylum seeking process (, Muhammed Y. Idris, Ph.D. is also the PERFORM Postdoctoral Fellow in Data Science, Preventative Health, and Child Health Policy at Concordia University in Montréal.
Trained as a computational social scientist, Muhammed is also involved in the research and development of open-source tools for leveraging socially-generating “big data” and make it easy to digest this complex technical information into actionable insights.

His work has been presented at numerous academic, policy, and industry conferences. Muhammed also teaches statistics at Concordia and maintains a research appointment at Harvard University, where he held a predoctoral fellowship while completing his dissertation.