Professor Christopher Kyriakides, Canada Research Chair in Citizenship, Social Justice and Ethno-Racialization, in collaboration with the Al-Qazzaz Foundation for Education & Development (QED) and the Syrian Canadian Foundation (SCF) cordially invite you to an interactive workshop to discuss the content identification and formation phase findings of the SMARTT project. SMARTT stands for Social Mobilities App for Refuge, Trust and Transition and was developed in response to the Syrian refugee crisis to enhance the Canadian government’s Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program. SMARTT will facilitate trusted contact between sponsored Syrian refugees and Canadian-based sponsors so as to enhance strong and meaningful integrative social networks in Ontario.

SMARTT responds to the social marginalization of Syrian refugees through an interdisciplinary research and training plan which connects the needs of end-users with the combined expertise of sociologists, computer scientists, private sector partners and key NGOs in Canada and the Middle East.

This 2 hour session will feature a workshop that will be facilitated by Prof. Christopher Kyriakides, his team from York University at the Department of Sociology and the QED team who participated in this research.  It will discuss the preliminary findings and results from over 200 interviews with refugees and sponsor groups. The session also includes a Q&A session to allow the attendees to discuss the findings with the research team.