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Mental Wellness First Aid Kit: The invisible trauma from war has left refugee children and their families struggling with mental health problems. Professional help is not easily accessible. An alternative is psychological first. Support the production & dissemination of the Mental Wellness First Aid Kit; a series of educational videos providing culturally tailored self-care tools.
Catch-Up: Online Transitional Education Resources for Refugee Students: Education is a fundamental human right. Many refugee students experience large gaps in their education due to war and conflict. Help bridge the gap by supporting the development of an accessible e-learning curriculum that is inline with the Ontario curriculum.
Family Support Network: The Al-Qazzaz family was fortunate to have the support of hundreds of Canadians during their Free Khaled Al-Qazzaz campaign and now it's time to give back to other families experiencing human rights violations. Help support a Family Support Network that will build communities & provide guidance.



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